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Repayments of $26.40. Total To Repay:$264.00

The above example includes an establishment fee of 20% and monthly fees of 4% per month of the loan amount over the selected pay period. The example is also based on the assumption that repayments are made on time as per the original loan contract terms otherwise other fees and charges are payable

Fast Cash Loan

What is a Fast Cash Loan?

Have you ever need cash quickly because of an unexpected expense but had no way to get the money? Whether it’s a medical bill, car repair or even just a much-needed holiday Quick Cash offers fast cash loans no matter what you need it for. Save yourself from the awkwardness of asking friends, family or colleagues for the cash by filling out a fast and easy application online. It takes minutes to apply and get approved for your fast cash loan and you can receive your money within an hour or even less if you apply during business hours!

A fast cash loan is an unsecured loan less than $2,000 that is repaid within 12 months, although most are repaid within 4 weeks. You often see loans being described as secured and unsecured, so what does this mean? An unsecured loan is a loan that is granted based on an individual’s credit and income assessment rather than a secured collateral, an example of a secured loan would be a mortgage. Factors that are considered during the approval process include income, recent credit history and the presence of undue hardships. So that’s why you need to present proof of identity, evidence of employment and a stable income and the a bank statement from the previous 90 days of your nominated income receiving bank account. As a responsible lender Quick Cash does not approve borrower under 18 years of age, non-Australian citizen, individuals that receive majority of their income from Centrelink benefits and individuals with hardships that may prevent them from making loan repayments.

Loan repayments are generally arranged to align with a borrower’s payday as this ensures a more efficient and effective repayment schedule. So whether you are paid weekly, fortnightly or monthly you can rest assured knowing that you are continually making loan repayments, with our automatic debit system.

Where can I get a Fast Cash Loan?

Finding a reputable lender to get a loan isn’t always easy and can be time-consuming. One of the easiest ways to find a fast cash loan is online! Not only will you have hundreds of options at your fingertips but you can lalso apply and get approved for your loan from the comfort of your own home. Most online lenders such as Quick Cash operate completely online, ensuring your identity and information stay private and saving you costs that many brick and mortar lenders charge.

Simply fill out our application form and get your loan approved within a matter of minutes. All you’ll need is proof of identity, proof of a stable income and your bank statement from the previous 90 days – credit checks do occur occasionally but not always if there is sufficient evidence provided. As a responsible lender Quick Cash does assess your circumstances to ensure that you are not suffering any undue hardships that will make it difficult to repay a loan. The approval process than takes a matter of minutes and you could have your cash advance within the hour, sometimes even less!
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