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How Much Do You Need?

Repayments of $26.40. Total To Repay:$264.00

The above example includes an establishment fee of 20% and monthly fees of 4% per month of the loan amount over the selected pay period. The example is also based on the assumption that repayments are made on time as per the original loan contract terms otherwise other fees and charges are payable

What is a Cash Loan?

Developing a financial plan is a great way to save money and stay on track with goals but sometimes unexpected costs can arise. Whether it’s a medical emergency, holiday or unforeseen bills, sometimes you just need cash fast.

Cash loans are usually short-term loans in which customers borrow smaller amounts of money. This is dependent on the lender, a borrower’s previous repayment history and the financial situation. At Quick Cash, we offer loans up to $2000, which are generally repaid between 16 days and 61 days; however, most loans are repaid within 30 days.

Unlike other countries, Australia has legislation that caps the rate at which lenders are able to charge their borrowers. This means that the interest rate cannot be changed prior to or during your loan. Although all lending institutions must comply with the capped rate industry standard there are other charges that lenders can charge which are not regulated, these include fees such as late repayment penalties. Quick Cash charges our borrowers $35 for late repayments, however, if this is reconciled within 48 hours and a payment is made the $35 fee will be waived. If your financial circumstances change or are suffering an unforeseen hardship contact Quick Cash today to re-assess your payment plan and find a solution that is manageable for you. This could mean extending your repayment period, reducing fees or waiving fees.

As a responsible lending institution, Quick Cash only offers loans to Australian residents over the age of 18, with a steady stream of income and not receiving the majority of their income from Centrelink benefits. Additional procedures include an identity check, transactions from the previous 90 days and occasionally a credit check, however, this is not always conducted for repeat borrowers. We follow these guidelines to ensure that our customers are not burdened with loans that they cannot afford or that are too difficult to repay.

Because Quick Cash operates entirely online it means that you can apply and get approved for a loan in a matter of minutes but better yet, depending on your financial institution you can receive your money in even less time, but keep in mind that for some regional banks it can take up to two business days days.

Where can I get a Cash Loan?

If you type ‘cash loan’ into any search engine you are bound to find hundreds of results. But how do you know which lender to choose from with so many options available?

Well, in Australia government legislation has capped the interest rates that lenders are able to charge customers for cash loans, generally lenders charge an establishment fee at 20% and a monthly fee which is at most 4%. But this doesn’t mean that all lenders are created equal. While they are not able to raise interest rates for loans there may be fees and charges that some lenders have that can add up and make your loan repayments overwhelming.

Also consider the repayment plans that different lenders offer, some clearly outline a rigid schedule whilst others barely mention one. Both of these are not ideal as each individual has unique financial circumstances, income dates and financial goals. Find a lender that allows frank conversation regarding the most beneficial repayment plan for both parties.

How it works in 3 easy steps

We know life doesn’t always go as planned, so we’re here to help by making our services as simple, fast and transparent as possible. Apply for an online cash loan in 3 easy steps.

Step 1

Online Application

Apply using our online loan calculator and application form. We’ll only ask you for essential information that will enable us to assess your application.

Step 2

Quick Approval

We’ll verify your information and outline the terms of your loan, which you can e-sign online. It takes just minutes to complete.

Step 3

Cash In Your Account

Once you’ve e-signed your loan offer. We’ll carry out a few final checks. Once approved, Moneyspot will send your cash within 60 minutes.

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